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About Me

Ash Ali

Startup Mentor, Angel Investor and Growth Hacking Expert

An award-winning serial tech entrepreneur, Ash was born and raised in inner-city Birmingham to working class immigrant Pakistani parents. Ever the entrepreneur, he sold his first award-winning internet business at the age of just 19.

After being headhunted in 2007 by the founder of Just Eat, the online food-ordering giant, Ash became its First UK Marketing Director. In his three years there he used his commercial acumen and growth hacking skills to expand it at breakneck speed, and Just Eat went on to IPO for £1.5 billion on the London Stock Exchange, making it the UK’s largest tech company floatation in the last ten years.

Since then, he has founded and worked with numerous other startups in various senior roles and currently mentors and advises several investments globally. He has been invited to speak at several top universities and technology expo’s about his story and business insights. His new book “The Unfair Advantage” is due for release in March 2018.

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Successful Stories

Ash has been an exceptional and inspirational mentor to me from week one, he has completely transformed the way I think about how to run and grow a start up. It’s been such a privilege to learn from Ash who is the expert in the industry. The program itself is top-class and well-structured, and I am given mini goals to focus on each week which makes it easier to measure progress. I’d like to thank Ash and the Unfair Advantage team for their support and this amazing opportunity.

Lin Zhang

Honestly, I could not have asked for a more supportive, energetic, and quick marketing director. Ash is always full of both creative and common sense ideas and solutions. At the same time, he’s very open to input, suggestions, and feedback from others. Ash gave me the flexibility to conceive and implement my own ideas and projects, while providing me with enough direction to keep me focused on the bigger picture. Ash has a solid understanding of (and experience with) just about any aspect of digital marketing and strategy. If you have the chance to work with Ash, do it!

Jesse Kedy

Ash has very good applied knowledge of what it takes to growth hack to your first 100K users. He has good ‘street smarts’ and understanding of the available tools. Always appreciate brainstorming with him.

Arthur Holcombe

Ash was helpful and inspiring, he shared useful advice which gave us the confidence to make key changes which improved the direction of our startup.

Alex Wilding

Ash Ali came to my class at ESCP Europe London campus to talk about growth hacking, exponential growth and running experiments at scale. His talk was fascinating and lively. The students truly enjoyed the chance of being exposed to a very experienced practitioner who was not holding back with honest and open stories and details of his various ventures. Especially his ideas of the growth hacking and tinkering mindset evoked a lot of thought and discussion amongst the students.

Professor Martin Kupp

Thanks to Ash’s mentorship, I went from idea to MVP to generating revenue really really fast.

Jawad Katib

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