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1 million calls, £6.7 million fares

Wow what a 20 month ride its been.

Fare Exchange was started for the sole purpose of helping minicab fleets increase their work and boy have we done that for many.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and help on this journey to 173% growth!

Here’s more some more info taken from our latest press release.

London (I-Newswire) January 15, 2014 – ‘Fare Exchange’ has launched an industry leading booking generation service which has been created to substantially increase phone bookings and fares for its client businesses. The service has proven to be successful beyond expectation since launching in 2012.

To date the ‘Fare Exchange’ pay per call & booking service has generated over £6,700,000 worth of bookings, and 1 million plus phone calls.

The ‘Fare Exchange’ system is built on a innovative cloud based platform which uses an advanced telephony system and multiple real time API’s. The live client dashboard (as seen below) and sophisticated back-end tracking technology also enables ‘Fare Exchange’ to offer the fastest way for minicab operators to generate a high volume of local and airport bookings.

Whilst minicab firms are re-considering old marketing channels or focusing on getting online clicks which could turn into bookings, we’re more focused on getting our fleets exclusive direct calls which result in real fares and more transactions. The advertising funnel below shows how we prefer to be closest to the transaction point.

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