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15 ways you can use Facebook posts to drive engagement

So I’ve managed several fan pages and accounts for several online brands and picked up some good tips and insights along the way. So here are my top list of “stuff” you can do drive engagement  with posts on Facebook.

  1. Share pictures. Pictures, images and photo albums are rather popular with the fans. (Ideally take your own pics via instgram, than swiping them off the web)
  2. Posting simple to follow how-to videos and useful tips can prove much more effective than posting a link to a specific product or service. Worked well whilst I was at
  3. Fill in the blank posts are great, because they invite your fans to share their own perspective with you. Example would be “I would love to have  a pizza with the following toppings  _____”
  4. Questions. Asking fans to share their story or point of view always is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement on your page. Though simple, this type of X vs Y post is often overlooked by community managers. “Real or fake?” “What do you think?” Or just plain  “Android or Apple?” would do.
  5. Videos. This one is a no-brainer. Videos, especially the atypical or funny ones, are always welcomed by fans and shared a lot more than links. (Remember never more than 3 mins!)
  6. Holiday/special day wishes. Show the human side of your company by wishing your fans happy holidays throughout the year and jumping on the key retail days bandwagon such as valentines day, mothers day and don’t forget product launches, one of my best posts was about the iPhone 5 launch.
  7. Celebrate milestones and say thank you. Did you reach an important milestone? Celebrate with the fans! When Just-eat hit a 10k milestone after our first 10k fans we upped the value of a voucher we were giving away to random fans and their friend (who also had to be a  fan of course). The response was overwhelming we grew to 40k fans within 8 weeks.
  8. Encourage mentions, shares, likes. If you want your content shared or your posts to be liked or commented on, ask! Simple “Click Like if you agree” or “What do you think?” would do the trick. Likeable Media study showed that when you ask questions or asked fans to like the update, the engagement rates were up to 6 times greater than regular updates.
  9. Offer interesting challenges. Quizzes or trivia questions might be interesting to your fans, e.g Guess the celeb at the fashion party; if you can try using some interesting internal business/consumer facts that also works wonders e.g Which city enjoys Indian takeaway more than a Chinese takeaway?
  10. Showcase experts/bloggers/influencers. Offer to showcase blogger picks, thoughts or in one of my recent cases at, influencer fashion collections.
  11. Do some market research! – Run polls and ask open-ended questions. Your Facebook page is the best focus group out there. It’s free and real time! If you want to know something just ask your fans! By the way if you’re looking to do anonymous closed group A/B testing then my favourite and quickest online tool is: 
  12. Draw attention to the most engaged members of your communities and share their creations, e.g highlighting top members of your site or see point 10.
  13. Promote your posts! Only 4% of your fan page will see your posts at one time, get more reach by promoting them; this is paid for of course but sometimes worth it! (I’m not going to delve in to the current promoted post debate, so pick your posts carefully)
  14. Geo-target posts. If your an international company with multiple fans from around the world, consider separate messaging to each large group. For one of my recent clients UK/US was the main split, so for example only US got the Thanksgiving posts with Americanised English and UK something else.
  15. Schedule Weekend posts? Remember most folks are active on SM during weekends too, so if you could get in there with a nice reminder or  human post, then schedule one in or better yet assign someone in your team on a rota basis for weekend SM re-engagement. Seriously only takes 10 mins to do and can be fun! It also means you can take advantage of big trending TV shows like XFactor and other culturally time specific and trending events.

So there you go my top 15 ways to use FB posts.

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