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Digital marketing trends for 2013

Digital marketing trends in 2013?

Courtesy of Econsultancy‘ latest report.

My Opinion:

  • No surprises with mobile the biggest on the cards for most astute digital marketers. What the report doesn’t break down is Native vs App or smartphone vs tablet, but suppose all this is lumped into this.
  • Targeting and personalisation has always been high on the agenda so nothing new here, except for taking advantage of some quick win’s via Google re-targeting.
  • Social media engagement is now part and parcel of every forward thinking organisation so although not high on the list this year, I think proving its worth or ROI is still high on many marketers agenda.
  • Content marketing – Most SEO centric companies have been doing this very well and with recent Google updates wiping clean some organic rankings, it’s even more important. Also with video and quick content consumption on small screens increasing, good content written and designed for the right format will always win. Educational and valuable content and as Bill gates himself said, “Content is King”
  • Marketing attribution is still big one for most people in the new year, lots to be done here. Most importantly track everything, even phone calls and test wherever possible.




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