“One of the very best SEO experts.” January 29, 2009

Irfan Rafiq , Online Marketing Executive , Just-Eat
reported to Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is a very talented internet marketeer. He always has a nice angle on things and he is always good for getting the project done the right way. Furthermore Ash is one of the marketing individuals I know, who has the most in-depth knowledge on the most different areas. If you want an online marketing guy, you definitely need to consider Ash Ali.” January 22, 2009

Kasper Nygaard Rasmussen , Online Marketing Manager , Just-Eat
worked directly with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is a true Capricorn. He is confident whenever he makes a decision, knows how to motivate me when needed, and a role model when it comes to balancing work and personal life. He is a genius when it comes to online marketing. I learned a great deal from him in a short span of time. His ideas are extremely creative and at the same time profitable. There are only 2 people in the corporate world who knew how to manage me. One of them is Ash. I would recommend Ash to anyone who is looking for a strong and reliable director in the online/restaurant/takeaway industry. He will go a long way.” January 14, 2009

Rafi Akbar , Partnership Manager , Just-Eat
reported to Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“We did a variety of search engine marketing consulting for Ash and Just Eat UK and we were very happy with the end results! Ash has an excellent knowledge of what needs to be done to succeed online and is taking Just Eat to the next level of online marketing. He is able to connect the SEO, traditional PR work, viral media, and other marketing methods into a cohesive online marketing strategy.” January 13, 2009

Ben Welch-bolen , President , SearchEngineMarketing.co.uk
was a consultant or contractor to Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is a proven expert in online marketing and is adept at maximising all key performance indicators such as CPA and RoI. He is clearly dynamic, driven and focused on delivering the best possible results for Just-Eat. He is a pleasure to work with.” January 13, 2009

James Galvin , Country Manager , Just-Eat Ireland
worked directly with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is one of the most enthusiastic marketeers you are likely to meet. Effective, hardworking and always looking forward.” January 13, 2009

David Hurst , Managing Director , DH Publishing Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Tarsus Group Plc
worked directly with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is a truly effective, creative and impressive Marketing Director. His knowledge of the online world that we work in never ceases to impress me. Since Ash has been involved in Just-Eat there is no coincidence that the orders have gone from strength to strength. At Just-Eat we have a really ‘can do’ spirit and attitude which Ash personifies, and works really well with the field based Sales teams to help with any issues they come across in their local areas to make sure we always have the biggest and best presence there!” November 25, 2008

David Cederholm , Regional Sales Manager – North UK , Just-Eat.co.uk
worked directly with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash has one of the sharpest and most intellect minds. He has exceptional communication skills that gives him leverage over others to meet the business objectives. He has a natural ability to create rapport with clients and colleagues alike. A truly great personality. His Marketing experience coupled with online, e-marketing skills makes him dynamic across mutli-channels, his speed to capture and align marketing activities to business strategy is impressive.” November 20, 2008

Ash Mahmud , Senior Business Analyst , Coral
worked with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is very competent in marketing in general and internet marketing in particular. Furthermore, Ash is very much respected and liked by his colleagues. I am also impressed with his entreprenuerial spirit and strong work ethic.” October 31, 2008

Seng Weiland , Account Executive , Tarsus Group (Caroo Media USA division)
worked directly with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is highly experienced in Internet Marketing. He has an enthusiastic approach to everything he commits himself to and speaks fact not fiction.” October 31, 2008

Simon Thompson , Co-Founder Director , Conferences UK Limited
was with another company when working with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash impressed me from the beginning with his skills. His vision of the online marketing world is revealing and it has been an endless source of inspiration during the time I spent working in the UK office at Just-Eat. Ash is a great person, fun and polite. Brainstorming always leads to successful ideas and working with him is a pleasure.” June 13, 2008

Giorgio Ponticelli , Country Manager , Just-Eat Ireland Ltd
worked with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is highly skilled at what he does. Focus on online marketing and all activities related to that with a very keen eye for detail. Great at coming up with new ways of promoting a brand and getting the message across. Fantastic energy, fun to be around and always delivers his best.” June 13, 2008

Rune Risom , COO , Just-Eat.co.uk Ltd.
worked directly with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is one of the greatest online minds ive had the pleasure to work with. Hi’s experience in the online media is incredible and you instantly know that he can walk the mile and that he knows everything about the online media. Ash is alongside being a professional guy also a friendly and funny guy, whom everybody can connect with and have fun with. Would recommend him to everyone i know!” June 12, 2008

Ole Bülow , Export Coordinator , Just-Eat Host A/S
worked directly with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Commercially astute, consumer centric, ‘can-do’, professional, these are the key words which define this Marketing Director. A brilliant guy all round, definitely one to look out for in the press. Highly professional at all times and a genuine team player. Keep it up!” June 4, 2008

Rashad Hussain (hussainrashad@hotmail.com) , E-Commerce Marketing & Product Manager , News International
was with another company when working with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is a young guy that strives to create results fast which is important in the internet world where time is of essence for success” May 27, 2008

Bo Bendtsen , Director , Just-Eat
managed Ash indirectly at Just-Eat.co.uk

“Ash is a great online marketing operator with the ability to make a vision a reality. He opereates at the most senior levels and make things happen on a day to day basis to keep things driving forward. A great guy to have in the team and on your side. Everyday since I have worked with Ash he has exceeded objectives and expectations.” May 7, 2008

David Buttress , CEO and Sales Director , Just-Eat.ie and Just-Eat.co.uk
worked directly with Ash at Just-Eat.co.uk

Online Marketing Manager at Tarsus Group

9 visible recommendations for this position: [ Edit ]

“Ash is a great person to work with. He worked hard and was always willing to give advice or help when it was needed.” July 8, 2009

Stuart Gentle , Production Editor , Onrec.com
worked with Ash at Tarsus Group

“Ash is a great character and very easy to work with. He has bucket loads of enthusiasm for work and I have enjoyed a great many ideas exchange with him. He has a real talent for online marketing and is always striving to better himself and the products he works on.” June 19, 2008

Rob Winters , Lead web designer , Tarsus Group
worked directly with Ash at Tarsus Group

“Ash is an expert when it comes to online marketing, building traffic, recommending search optimization strategies and understanding how to leaverage your online assets to maxmimize revenues. Ash is a great guy to work with and I would trust him implicitly in any situation.” June 10, 2008

Daniel Brindley , Sales Manager , Tarsus Group
worked with Ash at Tarsus Group

“Ash is a highly motivated individual with a passion to get results. Working with Ash I found him articulate & pro-active on all the projects we worked on. I remember when Ash started working at Tarsus, he desire & passion to grow the business was amazing. The Caroo media division within the Tarsus group was only generating just over £100k a year and after six year services, Ash grow the business to over a £1M. Professional through & through.” May 22, 2008

Greg Bowman , Group Sales Manager , Tarsus PLC
worked directly with Ash at Tarsus Group

“Ash is a hard-working, detail-oriented professional who utilizes excellent technical and creative skills in both a leadership and team capacity. His internet marketing skills and knowledge base exceed most professionals I know working in this space. His consultations with me have helped me tremendously in terms of initiating and launching online marketing campaigns, whether it’s email/enewsletter, SEO or new media projects. Ash would be an ideal candidate to speaking on email or online marketing at relevant industry trade shows and conferences. His strong commitment to customer service and friendly disposition make him an ideal member of any team, or as an independent consultant. I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work together on future endeavors.” May 8, 2008

Don Browne , Marketing Director , Tarsus Group
worked with Ash at Tarsus Group

“Ash is a hard working and enthusiastic individual. His knowledge and ability to apply marketing techniques to the web will I have no doubt be a great asset to any organization he works with.” May 3, 2008

David Hurst , Managing Director , DH Publishing Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Tarsus Group Plc
worked directly with Ash at Tarsus Group

“Ash is a true professional, well spoken, easy to work with and very knowledgeable marketing internet professional.” May 2, 2008

Patrick Buchen , President , TSNN.com
managed Ash indirectly at Tarsus Group

“Ash is a great colleague to work with. He was quite innovative and creative with his views. I often refer to him for ideas and viewpoints to help me deal with and offer my online clients better service and value for their money. He is truly a fantastic guy and one who would add value to any company.” May 2, 2008

John Hooke-Tappin , Sales Manager , Tarsus Group Plc
worked directly with Ash at Tarsus Group

“I had the pleasure to work with Ash for about 6-months in ’07. I was hired to produce a series of videos for Tarsus and their newly acquired anti-aging medical association, A4M. The videos were requested by the President and CEO, and would be reviewed/approved by the Board, so skillful execution was very important. Ash was in London and I was in Chicago. We had some pretty pressing deadlines, but Ash was a steady,calming influence throughout. He’s a good communicator, quick problem-solver, and very resourceful. I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again. Phil Broxham Producer/Director Grindstone Productions, Inc.” May 1, 2008

Phil Broxham , Owner , Grindstone Productions

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