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When booking a taxi or minicab and trying to get to the airport you have many options.  So last weekend, whilst the girls baked cakes, I decided to see which would be the cheapest option.

I downloaded several App’s (which included , Addison Lee, Wheely, Minicabster, Mincabit, & Kabbee) and settled on comparing prices for two of the most popular London app’s Kabbee & Minicabster with the price’s of a black cabs, Addison Lee and the humble phone call to a local minicab firm.

What I found was a massive disparity between prices and quotes for the exact same journey.

The quotes below are for the following journey: Pick up from the same exact post code in HA8, Edgware for one passenger 2 bags for 6.45 pm on Sunday (non-holiday) for a single journey to 5 popular London airports (cheapest quotes used from app listings).


You can easily see that you will save loads compared to Addison Lee & Black cabs, but they have a different service offering and are mostly used around the city for shorter journey’s.

The interesting results are seen when you compare quotes from the popular minicab comparison app’s (Columns App 1/2) versus calling the same minicabs directly. Easy savings can be had if you pay by cash.

There are lots of benefits to using an app to book a ride but right now it seem’s the lowest price is not one of them. To save most money you can make a 57 second call (the average booking call length based on over 1 million booking calls generated by my start-up Fare Exchange) and speak to a real human as well as save a decent amount of money with a verbal confirmation of when your ride will arrive.

Mobile App’s are very handy especially if your in an unfamiliar place and don’t know any good local minicab providers. They also provide the ability to pre-book and pay via card for firms located closest to you and you can also see user ratings and compare prices, (albeit you do pay more for the privilege)

I love the many benefits of booking app’s and our minicab clients have been begging us to launch one; so watch this space! In the meantime it’s your call on how you book your next ride.

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